Midori jewels & design srls

Midori jewels & design srls


Midori (green in Japanese) is a MADE IN ITALY design and fashion jewels project.
Green | re-cycle | circular economy: these are the keywords of this project.

Everything “comes to unend” – each Midorj recreates a virtuous circle, the founding element of the whole creative process.
Special electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) is embedded in resin that blocks its deterioration and the leakage of the polluting liquid. Unique pieces and small amulets like insects in amber that thus create a virtuous circular economy project.

New green packaging also in the paper, not only in color but in the use of Materica paper, colored in pulp and made with recycled fibers and special pure cellulose fibers that give volume and ensure high mechanical strength. The responsible management of the forests from which the fibers come has earned it the FSC® certification.

New graphics for the packaging of pendants, rings and earrings (6x6x6) and in the box for chokers and bracelets (18x18x4.5).

A new “Box B2B” in two formats Base & amp; Luxury (30x30x30) which contain a supply of products for shops, designed both for shipping and to be re-used for display in the shop.

3 display-frames designed for all types of products that can rest on a surface or be hung on the wall and adaptable to any type of set-up.



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Papers Used:

Arena Smooth

Uncoated Whites
Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence Long Life

Arena Eco 50

Recycled Offer
Uncoated Whites
Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence

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