Fil Rouge

Fil Rouge


The deep color of the ink, the aroma of chocolate and sandalwood. This is the wine aged in wood and with the sweet taste of a meditation wine. Then there is the sea with its waves, the wind in your hair, the fluctuating vegetation and the silhouettes of the trulli. A graphic that expresses the impetuous nature of Salento which, starting from the label, extends and wraps the packaging surrounding it in its entirety and returning the coppery glow of the sun.
The Primitivo di Manduria „Mirea” case, produced for the Masseria Borgo dei Trulli brand by Orion Wines, is printed on Fedrigoni Tintoretto Neve paper with details in Kurz Luxoro Alufin 396 copper foil that stand out against the monochrome design in brown Pantone 476.

Paper and processing: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Neve – 2 offset colors – Lamina Copper Kurz Luxoro Alufin 396

Still life: Maurizio Gjivovich
Printing: Caliari Pack – Verona





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Labels are used to ensure recognisability of containers and to identify the brand and the product inside. However simple they may seem to be from a structural point of view, labels often have to respond to precise standards, especially in the field of food products and cosmetics. Their dimension must not only be proportional to the size of the container, but must also allow clear and legible presentation of the product information required by current legislation. In order to create a label with the best possible visual impact, secondary information can be included in a label applied to the rear of the product.

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