Digital Printing – Touch Class

Fingerprint, stain, paint, oil and water resistant. It is technological, provides an excellent print yield and delivers a spectacular effect with both digital paints and foils.
Soho Touch Class is the line of uncoated papers and boards dedicated to digital printing, perfect for applications that will be handled numerous times, like menus.
Available in three weights, three sizes and two types – natural and felt-marked.
Soho Touch Class: Please Do Touch.

Find DIGITAL PRINTING – TOUCH CLASS on pages 573,607 of PaperBox, volume .

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Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence Long Life
Fedrigoni Digital

Fedrigoni Digital

Fedrigoni為HP Indigo印刷系列而設的數碼紙品Digital Papers包括精選的塗層及非塗層紙張及紙板,呈白色及多種顏色,帶特殊紋理及紙面處理,並經HP Indigo印刷認證。

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