Viral activity analysis
The results of analyses carried out by Fedrigoni in accordance with ISO 18184:2019 standard on different types of papers show a percentage reduction in the viral load for the strain analysed * equal to 90.0% one hour after contact and 99.9% six hours after contact.

Based on the viral load value and according to the classification of the standard, the product’s antiviral performance was defined as excellent, but can still be increased by modulating the treatment.

The technology
BeSafe™ incorporates Addmaster’s Biomaster® antimicrobial technology. The treatments are based on the use of silver ions or other functional groups depending on the paper being treated, which act to break up the peptide cuticle i.e. the protein part of the virus.

The silver ion treatment which the products are subjected to has been tested for efficacy on feline Coronavirus type 2 according to the ISO 18148 standard for textile products.

The applications for BeSafe™ are the same as those for untreated cards: from papers for printing and packaging, book and magazine covers, school notebooks and notebooks, to restaurant menus, shopping bags, cards, envelopes, identity documents and many other items designed to come into contact with multiple people.