From plastic to paper: it’s the metamorphosis of the material. The Materia Viva family of papers goes to the second chapter, with solutions equivalent to what has been achieved up to now with plastic: the world of packaging and many objects are now made of plastic, but we have considered them in a different way, enhancing the peculiarities of paper, raising its many potentials, perhaps the most silent and unexpressed ones.

We are driven by innovation to think differently and create products that are able to stand out. The value chain evolves from a circular and sustainable perspective, thanks to new projects suitable for different areas: from cosmetics to food, from jewelry to luxury, from fashion to retail.

Our “Making Progress” approach promotes a metamorphosis in the world of packaging by adopting specific technologies for every need: Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Grease, Anti-Scratch, Water-Resistant and many more. Cutting-edge, beautiful, high performance solutions, without compromising on quality.

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