We create bespoke papers  thanks to our extensive history, experience, knowledge and technology, whether it be combining colours, textures and finishes in our portfolio, or creating your own.

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Your Creativity

It’s hard to place a limit on what can be created with Fedrigoni. The study of a bespoke project requires several phases that involve the manufacturer, designer and customer, in constant and constructive conversations. This approach guarantees the best result and gives freedom to your creativity. Sectors such as luxury, fashion and prestigious wines are those that most seek the elements that can distinguish them from competitors, but ad hoc solutions can be created for any brand that wants to highlight its peculiarities.

Paper and production

In an effort of constant improvement and evolution, many successful products are combined with treatments which, without distorting their distinctive characteristics, add new value. For example, a treatment can be added to Splendorlux, known for its glossy surface, which makes it even more limpid and, above all, scratch-resistant. In this way, the lamination which it was often associated with it, is avoided, keeping all the material fully recyclable.

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