Paper. Period.

Paper. Period.

Fedrigoni Special Papers is the heart of the production of quality papers for printing, publishing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper converting. A place where we make over 2500 products, using our wealth of experience and knowledge in a unique style.

The same quality, all over the world

Fedrigoni Special Papers products are available all over the world thanks to an integrated logistics system, with 7 offices in Italy, 6 commercial branches in Europe, 2 in Asia and 1 in South America. So we can serve our clients wherever they are.


production and distribution centres





Your paper has yet to be created

The future we believe in is designed to follow your creativity. To help you make exactly what you had in mind.


The weave of our papers always tells a story. A simple one. A natural one. A consistently authentic one.


The sound of the imperfect flow of a pencil as it skims across gentle, invisible grooves. Rough, smooth and real.


The scent of cellulose. Do you recognize it?


Your creativity takes shape from the infinite possibilities of a blank page.
Everything that has happened. For everything that is yet to come

Everything that has happened. For everything that is yet to come

Fedrigoni Special Papers is an Italian story of 125 years of paper production. A story that, over time, has guided the best projects by the best designers, to make every idea unique.


The stuff we’re made of

At Fedrigoni, sustainability has a long history, and attention to low environmental impact processes is a long-standing part of our way of working. We invest in innovation and technology so our range of products increasingly meet ESG criteria. We try to improve every day, in our materials, our inspiration and our people.

The stuff we’re made of
From masters to masters

From masters to masters

To choose one of the Fedrigoni Special Papers ranges requires a conversation between experts. Between someone who knows how to make paper and someone who knows how to choose it. Inspiration that goes beyond the boundaries between producer and customer.