To enhance such an iconic object it is essential to take care of every detail, starting from its packaging

Panettone is the Christmas cake par excellence, widespread throughout Italy and exported to many other countries too: its packaging must be functional, captivating and communicate the pleasure of the feast day when opening. Fedrigoni offers a targeted choice of the most suitable papers for each project, capable of protecting the cake during transport and communicating its quality, stimulating the other senses.

For the Fiasconaro panettone, different variations of the MATERICA paper were used, with weights from 340 to 360 gr: the distinctive tactile sensation given by its rough surface is accompanied by the wide range of colors, from Verdigris to Quarz, from Pitch to Limestone. To which is also added the smooth natural surface of WOODSTOCK Betulla 350 gr.
Materica was also chosen for the Martesana patisserie, in particular in the Terra Rossa and Acqua shades: their velvety sensation is also highlighted by embossing and hot pressing. The cake packaging for Fedrigoni in 2022 was made with SIRIO Dark Blue, the popular natural paper in pure cellulose.


Paper made packaging know how to enhance the craftsmanship of the panettone: they not only stand out for their elegance, but also for their reduced environmental impact, being able to avoid both plastic and laminations.