Opening the interview with Isabella Bussi, Head of Sustainability of the Fedrigoni Group, looks at history, changes and strategies.
Thanks to recycling and the introduction – in addition to cellulose – of natural fibers, papers are increasingly sustainable. They are used for ethical projects, illustrated with case histories of packaging, labels and brand identity. Ample space is given to the topic of printing, with new technologies and advice for printers. Among the novelties reported are a book on circular fashion and the historical posters of the Compasso d’Oro design award at the ADI Museum in Milan. A source of inspiration is the reflection on the correspondence between content and container: can a vegan cookbook be printed with vegan inks? And for the packaging of organic food, why not use recycled paper with particular attention to the environmental impact? In line with the content of the issue, dedicated to sustainability, the choice of using six different papers, all from the Materia Viva collection, for the creation of Pulp 22.