The swatchbooks of the two papers range are enriched with new shades, which capture the essence of the coming seasons and embrace the main material trends. Due to their characteristics of excellent printability and color palettes, these papers are mainly used by designers and creatives in the beauty sector.

The textured surface of Materica, which stands out to the touch, is available in 14 shades: inspired by the captivating beauty of nature, it offers a rich and diverse range, going from warm terracotta tones to deep forest greens to relaxing sandy beiges. Its mechanical features make it ideal for all those applications related to packaging and coordinated brand communication.

Made with a high content of recycled material, Woodstock has a very smooth surface that today offers 13 shades of pastel colors: ranging from delicate pinks and blue sky to subtle mint green and elegant lavender. The delicacy gives a touch of serenity and refinement to any creation, especially in the field of cosmetics, where this paper is perfect for creating smooth and refined finishes.

The new additions provide more choice to bring any creative project to life, be it traditional, sophisticated or daring!

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