Il chianti classico Ricasoli si fa regalo

Il chianti classico Ricasoli si fa regalo


The need of the “Ricasoli 1141” company was to have a single gift box that could contain various types of wine from their production.

After an analysis of the bottles, working with the corporate visual codes characterized by a few but essential elements, we have created a multi-product package with an adaptable internal collar.

To give shape to the GIFT concept, a few ennobling signs… hot gold ribbon, embossing and screen printing applied on Sirio Color Dark Blue. The gift box is accompanied by a coupled cardboard pendant.



Studio Laura Moretti


Progetti in gara 2021


Labels are used to ensure recognisability of containers and to identify the brand and the product inside. However simple they may seem to be from a structural point of view, labels often have to respond to precise standards, especially in the field of food products and cosmetics. Their dimension must not only be proportional to the size of the container, but must also allow clear and legible presentation of the product information required by current legislation. In order to create a label with the best possible visual impact, secondary information can be included in a label applied to the rear of the product.

Wrapping Papers

Pouches, shopping bags and wrapping papers are used to protect and transport products after purchase, but are also an important way to promote the identity of a shop or brand. Wrapping papers are used to wrap gifts or valuable objects, and are printed on lightweight paper.

Papers Used:

Sirio Color

Uncoated Colours
Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence Long Life