The Hair Bureau

The Hair Bureau


The client came to CAROSELLO in July 2018 with the idea of creating a new men’s haircare brand: they only had the products and a price list. From our research, we envisioned a very scientific brand balanced by a sexy, stylish design. We created the name THE HAIR BUREAU and the payoff “The science of results” and we built the identity around the idea of a laboratory, where scientists work non-stop to find the right combination of ingredients to prevent hair loss. The packaging itself symbolizes an office desk where all research results are arranged together.

The packaging is an experience of discovery itself and it creates an immediate bond between this new brand and the customers. The box consists in two layers of papers: the black one conveys brand related messages, the white one displays information related to the product.





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Wrapping Papers

Pouches, shopping bags and wrapping papers are used to protect and transport products after purchase, but are also an important way to promote the identity of a shop or brand. Wrapping papers are used to wrap gifts or valuable objects, and are printed on lightweight paper.

Papers Used:

Sirio Ultra Black

Uncoated Colours
Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence

Sirio White/White

Uncoated Whites
Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence Long Life

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