Beyond its exterior lies more than a container; Wonder Box is an unfolding story, a sensory experience waiting to be explored. An inspirational tool that embraces the trends from the luxury and creative market. This is the first chapter of many that will unveil. The opening one is the Futures: a new look at Fedrigoni Special Papers, where colours and finishes lead to worlds near and far. The selection then is also presented in Out of the Box, a light tool created to spread the content of the box and inspire extraordinary possibilities.  

Futures is an edition of extraordinary possibility. This is a collection that casts its eyes upwards —beyond our skies and into the cosmos, filling the frame with intense celestial colouring, kaleidoscopic constellations and intense luminosity. It is also a collection that keeps its feet firmly on the ground – with organic, pulp-dyed earth tones, metallic strength and compelling tactility. Reflecting cutting-edge innovation and timeless artistry, Futures is an ultramodern vision that does not predict what will come next, but will help to create it.  


The selection draws inspiration from planets, galaxies, and minerals, offering a tactile journey through the various finishes. Feel the difference as you explore Uncoated Whites, Uncoated Colors, Coated Whites, Coated Colors, Recycled options, Alternative fibers, funky Felt-Marked designs, Embossing magic, Pearlescent pizzazz, Extra Glossy glam, Special Tactile feels, and the classic coolness of Black. You can also find Plastic to paper solutions and inspiration to design projects for optimal end-of-life recycling and recovery. Always looking forward to the future. 

To showcase the different papers performance, two artworks develop with Phillip Armson, artist that uses AI to develop its pieces that were printed in different techniques, from hot foil to embossing and silkscreen. The thrill of merging an artistic vision with AI technology is accentuated by the challenge of bringing these digital marvels to life on paper.  

The unveiling of the Wonder Box, a carefully choreographed. These special tools guide you through 20 pockets of paper samples. Opening it’s a performance in itself. Witness the Wonder Box transform from a closed tool to a viewing window, showcasing the beauty of each paper sample. This is not just a presentation; it’s an immersive experience. 

But the journey doesn’t conclude with Wonder Box. The Out of the Box promotional tool leaves you with a tangible swatchbook, featuring the very papers. The covers boast Imitlin Metal Silver Silk, and the endpapers and lining exude sophistication with Cotone 100 and Sirio Ultra Black.