An exquisite range of papers inspired by the formidable Mistral wind that graces the Mediterranean with its strong, cold presence. Much like its natural namesake, Mistral embodies a unique blend of strength and elegance, providing a refreshing addition to the world of special papers.​

Mistral: A Timeless Special Paper​

Mistral, with its classic elegance, presents a timeless design characterized by a defined signature texture – provide a distincive tactile and visual experience, which enriches any project with a luxurious allure without interfering with its own creativity. This collection seamlessly expands Fedrigoni’s range of embossed papers, offering a subtle yet distinctive tactile and visual experience. The defined signature textures, named Tradition and Design, elevate any project with a luxurious allure, allowing creativity to flourish without compromise.​

Luxurious Allure in Every Detail​

Mistral’s superior sharpness and brightness in printing reach new heights with Mistral Stucco Tradition, a classic coated version that perfectly complements the range. Whether used for artistic projects, sophisticated collateral, or refined packaging solutions, Mistral enhances the overall appeal, ensuring that your creations stand out with a touch of sophistication.​


Mistral – Where Tradition Meets Innovation​

Mistral is not just a paper; it’s a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. The range’s width caters to diverse needs, making Mistral an ideal choice for a variety of projects. Its adaptability and versatility ensure that Mistral seamlessly integrates into your creative process, enhancing the visual and tactile aspects of your work. The multi-layer structure brings superior mechanical features in the high grammages, particularly stiffness, tearing, burst and tensile strenght, high bulk and roughness. ​

Thanks to its range width, Fedrigoni Mistral is also a perfect match for refined packaging solutions.​​

In essence, Mistral is more than just a collection of papers; it’s an experience, a journey through the winds from Provence. As the Mistral wind brings clear, fresh weather to the Mediterranean, Mistral paper breathes life into your projects with its luxurious allure and distinctive textures. We invite you to explore the possibilities, where Mistral meets creativity, and tradition meets innovation.​

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