Fiore di NO

Fiore di NO


Fiore di NO è l’impronta digitale, la firma di Natalie Oliveros e de La Fiorita, azienda nel cuore di Montalcino.
Prodotto solo nelle migliori annate da una selezione di uve Sangiovese raccolte nelle parcelle più vocate, è l’essenza della singolarità dei vigneti, dell’armonia e dell’eleganza del Brunello di Montalcino.
L’uso della carta Savile Row Tweed Brown richiama la terra e la materia corposa di cui è composto il vino e contrasta con la lucentezza della lamina rosa API Foil 6274 che dona un vezzo femminile all’etichetta aggiungendo ulteriore eleganza alla stampa serigrafica.

Carta e lavorazioni: Fedrigoni Arconvert Savile Row Tweed Brown – 2 colori serigrafici lucidi – Lamina Rosa API Foil 6274 – Rilievo a secco

Still life: Maurizio Gjivovich
Stampa: Tipolitografia San Giovanni



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Labels are used to ensure recognisability of containers and to identify the brand and the product inside. However simple they may seem to be from a structural point of view, labels often have to respond to precise standards, especially in the field of food products and cosmetics. Their dimension must not only be proportional to the size of the container, but must also allow clear and legible presentation of the product information required by current legislation. In order to create a label with the best possible visual impact, secondary information can be included in a label applied to the rear of the product.

Printing and specialty Printing

Offset printing is one of the most common techniques used to achieve optimum quality for images and text. The name of the product is often highlighted with printing techniques such as embossed printing and hot foil stamping. The latter is generally used to obtain very realistic metallic colours that are very difficult to achieve with other printing techniques. If the board or paper chosen for a package has dark or bright colours, screen printing allows the application of covering inks that can be highlighted against the background.

Papers Used:

Savile Row Tweed

Uncoated Colours
Acid Free Cotton ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence

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