Gulielmus Tenute Capaldo

Gulielmus Tenute Capaldo


Gulielmus and Goleto (not in competition) are two wines inspired by a magical place, shrouded in light and mystery: the Goleto Abbey, built in the 12th century by San Guglielmo, remains today a symbol of Irpinia, preserving its wonderful timeless beauty (the label, in fact, recalls the front door). “With these wines I would like to pay tribute to the deep bond of my family with Irpinia, his native land” explains Antonio Capaldo “In the almost ten years of experimentation, on the various property plots, which preceded the first” official “vintage of each wine, we got involved every season, in the vineyard and in the cellar. This is how these wines were born, with their feet firmly planted on the ground and their gaze turned to the generations to come ”. Gulielmus, in particular, comes from a two-hectare vineyard in Taurasi, in the Sala district, where the soil is clayey and the unilateral guyot vines have been planted, starting from 1992, with buds harvested from the old prefillossera vineyards. The harvest is done by hand, between mid-October and early November.


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