Thomas Tempte – Art Publication

Thomas Tempte – Art Publication


The aesthetic journey of A University of One’s Own about Thomas Tempte and Projektrum: Augsburg was guided by the need to harmonise a diverse array of materials including studio documentation, scanned slides from the 1970s and hasty iPhone images. Embracing this diversity of perspectives and entry points, the publication’s design effectively captures the profound passion for carpentry that characterizes the works of Swedish artist Thomas Tempte, which passed away in 2016.

Inspired by Tempte’s strong connection with materials, designers William Jokijärvi Andersson and Oskar Laurin personally curated the paper selection at an early stage, acknowledging its importance way before securing funding or finalizing the project’s structure.

The uncoated papers, specifically the off-white Arena Natural Bulk and the suede-like Woodstock Camoscio, were chosen not only for their proximity to the warmth of wood, a nod to Thomas Tempte’s preferred material, but also to resonate with the limited colour-world his art pieces inhabit. The aim was to create a harmonious yet unexpected visual experience, and particularly for full-colour images, a light vibrant shimmer was obtained thanks to the quality UV-offset printing operated by Narayana Press.

On the other side, Symbol Freelife Gloss, the coated glossy paper strategically employed throughout the publication, served as a canvas for Sissela Jensen‘s photographs. The collaboration with a photographer within the editorial group facilitated a seamless integration of material choices with content, helping the overall visual rhythm of the book.

Printed by Narayana Press, the book’s chapters underwent variations in paper and printing methods, transitioning between full colour, black and white, and spot colour on coloured paper.

The project of the book, initiated by friends and family of Thomas Tempte together with designers William Jokijärvi Andersson, Oskar Laurin and Andreas Nobel, materialized through the generous grants from Beijerstiftelsen, Bengt Julins Stiftelse, Estrid Ericsons stiftelse, and Längmanska kulturfonden.

When the decision was made to narrate Tempte’s artistic practice through a book, a work group began to take shape. William, Oskar and Andreas Nobel (Professor of Furniture Design at Malmstens) assumed the role of book editors. Sissela Jensen, served as photographer and image editor. Additionally, John Funkquist and Joakim Zickert, both adept cabinet makers and furniture designers, contributed valuable expertise on gathering and cataloguing the furniture and machines left by Thomas Tempte. The book is very much the result of this interdisciplinary collaboration.

Published in 700 copies with Otsium Books publishing house and distributed by premium Stockholm’s art bookstore Konst-ig, this book exemplifies the power of collaborative storytelling, seamlessly blending design, photography, craftsmanship. The success of this venture has paved the way for another upcoming publication, Den Moderna Sfinxen (The Modern Sfinx), authored by Evelina Dovsten and Andreas Nobel.

Copies available here.

Papers Used:

Arena Bulk

Uncoated Whites
Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence Ph Neutral


Recycled Offer
Uncoated Colours
Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence Recycled content (Selected Secondary Fibers)

Symbol Freelife Gloss

Coated Papers
Recycled Offer
Acid Free ECF (Elementhal Chlorine Free) FSC® Mix Heavy Metal Absence Long Life Recycled content (Selected Secondary Fibers)

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