Since 2013, the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair stands as a vibrant celebration of the rich and diverse artistic expressions emerging from the African continent. From traditional mediums to cutting-edge installations, the fair showcases the breadth of creativity that spans the continent, fostering dialogue and cultural exchange. By bridging the gap between African artists and an international audience, with events in London, New York, Marrakech and Paris, 1-54 contributes significantly to the global discourse on contemporary art while amplifying the voices and perspectives of African creators.

In addition to its dynamic showcase of diverse artworks, 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair extends its cultural impact through an impeccably curated catalogue on Fedrigoni uncoated papers. This catalogue serves as a visual reference, offering in-depth insights into the exhibited pieces, the artists behind them, and the broader themes shaping contemporary African art. It not only acts as a documentation of the showcased artworks but also serves as a valuable resource for scholars, collectors, and art enthusiasts, fostering a deeper understanding of the narratives and contexts around contemporary African art.

The 2023 catalogue was designed by London-based agency TM (Tsevdos McNeil) and offset printed on Arena White Smooth, one of the most popular uncoated papers in the Fedrigoni range. Dubbed as “the Swiss Army knife” of papers, Arena ensured that the details and nuances of the photographs in 1-54 catalogue were faithfully reproduced, supporting the strong narrative of the artworks themselves.

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