A prestigious, captivating and incredibly strong paper: this is Imitlin, whose extraordinary qualities include exceptional resistance to tearing and even light. Not only is it perfect for paper converting and bookbinding applications but, with the new Allpack version, this paper is also excellent for folding boxes and shopping bags.

Elegance has always been a characteristic of Imitlin, which thanks to its embossing adds a touch of refinement to every creation. The range expands with the inclusion of Diana, an embossing that recalls hammered leather and with new shades. Vibrant Ochre, Teal Green and Ginger Brown are just some of the modern shades added to the palette that is now made up of 21 colours. Imitlin is a perfect solution for creating coordinated items with a luxury positioning, ranging between different combination possibilities both in terms of weight and finish, especially now that the Glow and Metal finishes have been added. The combinations also continue outside the range with other types of paper, first and foremost Sirio Color.

Discover the new Imitlin today, experiment with its wide offering and make your projects shine, to transform your ideas into works that stand out.

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