Tiziana Lazzari – Cosmetics Dermatology. Brand, Naming e packaging primario e secondario

Tiziana Lazzari – Cosmetics Dermatology. Brand, Naming e packaging primario e secondario


A cosmetic line that goes straight to the heart

For Dr. Lazzari’s cosmetic line, Today has created a brand and a wrapper that represent the value of the product and the medical thought that lies at its origin. Our job was precisely to grasp the intention and philosophy behind the line to translate them into shapes and colors and convey it to the public through an emotion and a sensation.

For the Tiziana Lazzari line we have focused on packaging with attention to the smallest details, clean but at the same time high-end and precious, like the experience it contains: that of 30 years of dermatological experience. This dress (the packaging) is elegantly aimed at all women for whom the quality, safety and effectiveness of their cosmetic product of choice are indispensable certainties.

For the packaging we have chosen constellation snow raster, and 4 colors: white, fuchsia pink, black / blue (black 6) and silver. The idea is to arouse different emotions and sensations; in addition to the visual one, which necessarily attracts us to what we like, we also wanted to consult the tactile one. The paper, in fact, has a texture, it looks like a canvas, and this teases our touch by generating an unusual sensation or perhaps an association of thought that will bring out a memory. In this way the product is already part of our history, it has become familiar.

The white point of the paper is very clear without being optical and indicates the purity and transparency of the thought behind the product and its message. The active ingredients used and their effects on the skin are explained on all the packages and on the leaflets, there are no secret formulas or patents with an incomprehensible composition.

Hot-stamped fuchsia pink is pure feminine joy and energy, it is the brand’s identifying color, which translates into darker, cyclamen tones when it abandons the metallic effect. It was used for the monogram, for the name of the products and for the claim: The new face and body experience.

And then there is silver with its elegance, its luminous essence that adds that note of magic that transports every woman to that absolutely private world where we take care of ourselves and everything else remains outside.

Black also belongs to another dimension, pantone black 6 is a black-blue.

The names of the products are deliberately funny and a little ironic, they must bring a smile to self-irony, the one that allows us to face the day with joy and vital energy and to end it with a positive balance.

In conclusion, behind the creation of a beautiful envelope there is a lot of work and a lot of reflection, it is a form of selective language. Of course, the public does not grasp the complexity of the entire creative process, they only receive an impression that, we hope, reaches straight to the heart.



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